How Can Mole Checks Prevent Skin Cancer?

Posted on: 17 June 2021

Do you spend a lot of time in the sun? You should think of having a mole check to mitigate the risks of developing skin cancer. Dermatologists say skin moles are indicators of a high risk of developing skin cancer. Going for regular mole checks is the best way of identifying if you are at risk of developing skin cancer. A dermatologist can see how moles are developing and changing and assess the information they provide.

What Is Mole Checking?

A mole check is a non-invasive procedure that uses high-resolution photography to examine mole growth and development. The dermatologist does a skin assessment at a microscopic level to see tiny changes that the naked eye cannot see.

The dermatologist will use a special camera with a dermoscopic lens. The mapping covers the whole body. The dermatoscope identifies moles that show unusual characteristics. The signs that dermatologists watch out for include:

  • Asymmetrically shaped moles 

  • Moles with irregular borders

  • Moles with unusual color

  • Moles with a diameter over 6 millimeters

  • Moles that are evolving too fast in shape, color, and size

Mole Checks Detect Skin Cancer

A mole check service uses artificial intelligence to assess how moles develop and evolve. The warning signs of skin melanomas show early on the skin and are identifiable with a mole check. The artificial intelligence system can pick anomalies in moles very fast. 

When a dermatologist identifies cancerous skin growths, early action can be taken to remove these growths. Surgical removal of cancerous growths prevents the spread of cancer. The dermatologist can then do skin grafting to repair the affected skin portion.

Mole Checks Reduce the Need for Removing Moles

Moles do not always signify cancerous growths. Sometimes mole removal is unnecessary, and removing them could be more harmful than helpful. Unnecessary mole removal can lead to unnecessary scarring.

Mole checks help identify dangerous moles and those that are normal. It also helps reduce anxiety because you will know which moles to worry about.

Skin Care Advice

Unfortunately, many people do DIY skincare to diminish moles on the skin. Some of these skin products do more harm than good. A mole checking service is a good opportunity to get advice on skincare. The dermatologist will assess your skincare needs and the most appropriate skin products.

Are you worried about any skin moles? Book an appointment with a dermatologist in your area today for a mole check.