3 Signs Of Possible Skin Cancer That You Need To Know

Posted on: 12 June 2017

Do you enjoy spending time outside, engaging in various outdoor activities? Have you ever thought about the damage that the sun is likely doing to your skin? Ultraviolet, or UV, light can be extremely damaging to the skin. Even if you apply sunscreen, it's possible that you may miss certain areas on a regular basis. In addition, the sunscreen can eventually be washed off either by swimming in the water or via sweat. This would then leave you vulnerable to damaging UV light, something that can cause skin cancer. While it's a good idea to get yearly checkups just in case, here are some signs that you should see a doctor right away instead of waiting for your next scheduled appointment:

Lumps: Lumps obviously aren't always something to worry about. For instance, if you accidentally slam your arm into a doorway, you may get a lump instead of an actual bruise. More commonly, insect bites can also cause lumps and bumps to form on your skin. But if you have lumps that you can't explain rationally and that either don't shrink or that grow bigger in the span of a week or so, it's time to make an appointment at a dermatology clinic to get these things checked out.

Rough patches: This one can be a bit difficult to spot. After all, there are many things that can cause rough spots to appear on your skin. It's possible that you may have come into contact with an allergen or you may be having a flare-up of psoriasis or eczema. Without a history of any of these conditions, it's a good idea to stop in and see a doctor at your local dermatology clinic. You might feel a bit silly if you go and all you receive for your trouble is the suggestion that you need to use more lotion but your dermatologist would rather you be safe than ignore something potentially serious.

Unexpected moles: Almost everyone knows that the sudden appearance or change in a mole can be a sign that you need to visit a dermatology clinic for a checkup. What you may not realize is that these moles can appear anywhere on your body, even on locations that rarely or never see the light of the sun. For instance, if you enjoy hiking, it's possible to get a suspicious mole on your foot even if your foot is always covered by hiking boots. 

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